About Me

Hi Everyone!!

I'm Nikki and I am the brain behind Everything Under the Moon!! This blog was once called, Photographer ...Naturally and started out with me sharing all of my adventures on my way to becoming a photographer but it has turned out to be so much more.  Everything Under the Moon (a play on the last name Moon) was born under its new name in September 2011 and it has blossomed into this amazing place for me to share my creativity with some really completely AWESOME people!

A little about me, personally, I am a twenty-something year old mommy to our little girl Zee.  I love to share my adventures in motherhood as well as all of my crafty, artsy, foodie, photo..y -ness :) I love to create, whatever the medium may be, and I love that I have a place to share and be inspired.

I welcome all of you to Everything Under the Moon and I invite you to share, take part, and enjoy all the fun we have here!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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